Welcome to Epower Media, your premier destination for cutting-edge mobile LED screens in Australia. As a trailblazer in the industry, we specialize in providing dynamic solutions for events, advertising, and fixed installations.

Our Vision:
At Epower Media, we envision a world where every event, big or small, is illuminated by captivating LED displays. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction drives us forward.

Established in 2010 E-Power Australia Pty Ltd became a pioneer in mobile LED screen with its one LED screen truck. Since then we have added more trucks and trailers to our fleet and helped establish the similar mobile LED screen providers in other cities across Australia. With our commitment to quality, ease of use, un-paralleled support, add-on services like video production, E-Power is proud to be a leading provider of mobile Digital LED screens in Australia.

We are proud to be associated with our partners in various parts of the country and love to work with all. We specialise in outdoor and mobile digital LED screens. We are a manufacturer and service provider.

E-Power Australia is always ready to serve through its fleet of 20+ vehicles for your outdoor event.