A ultimate outdoor/Out Of Home (OOH) Three Sided Screen truck that is a favorite for delivering highly focused advertising campaigns for the marketing/advertising agencies. EM3500 carries large screens on sides and a screen at the back of the truck. Retrofitted with on-board generator the screen truck is self-sufficient and delivers your messages with impact. EM3500 can also be used to deliver events, using one or both the side screens for visuals.

EM3500 is self sufficient vehicle that needs a professional driver to drive around for the marketing campaigns.

Talk to our team, let us deliver your targeted campaigns for your clients focusing on the times that can target peak times or specific areas of the town for maximizing the visibility of your campaigns.

Screen Size: 2400 x 4800 mm
Pixel: P10 mm – Side Screens
Pixel: P6 mm – Rear Screen
Inputs: Standard HDMI/SDI (1024P)
Sound System: Included
Power: On-site power required – 32A/Three Phase or On-Board Generator
Truck Specs: 7 meters by 2.1 meters weighing 10 tons