Media Specs for our Screens

Epower Media screens are highly optimised for visual experience at the outdoor events. Please refer to the following media specs to meet the optimal screen operations.

We’d appreciate if you could provide content at least 2 days in advance – this helps us to make sure that everything is tested before your
event starts.

Note, that all the content is displayed at native screen resolution – contact our team if you want to understand more about how an image will be displayed. Also important to note that there will be a small fee for any files that we need to reformat.

LED Screen Trailers

These applies to all models – EM2100, EM1700, EM900, EM600, EM200 screens

See the specs for EM3500 three sided LED screen for the truck screen.


The EM3500 Screen truck have three side screens, side screens use the landscape artwork while the rear screen needs the artwork in portrait orientation.

Supply art for Side Screens at 4800 x 2400 pixels
Supply art for Rear Screen at 1152 x 1920 pixels

Static images and or the videos need be in JPEG format;
Ratio: 2:1 – Side Screens (ie. landscape), 1:1.66 – Rear Screen (ie. portrait)


Format: JPEG
Ratio: Approx. 16:9 (ie. landscape)

Supply artwork at 3264 x 1728 pixels


Format: Compressed MPEG2 / MP4
Ratio: 16:9 widescreen
Resolution: SD / HD files accepted


Use fonts at least 60 pixels high, BIG and BOLD text stand out and are visually easy to read.
  • No white backgrounds please – colours display much better
  • Use bold and strong fonts
  • Keep it short and easy to read


Additional equipment is available for hire, and or is available as a bundle to the existing hire. Please check when booking.
  • TV / DVD / Blu-ray / Apple TV / Video Cameras /
    Vision Mixers / Sport Scoring
  • Internet Connectivity
  • PA System and Microphone